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Welcome!  Or, Welcome Back!™ was an online mental health information and counseling center hosted by Ron Sterling, M.D.   Dr. Sterling was a General Psychiatrist who had specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I have closed my practice and retired from the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, I continue to write and update my books to reflect changes in the understanding of what is currently called "ADHD." See below for further information about my current projects.

    The mission of DearShrink from 2000 to 2015 was to provide readers with easily-accessible, authoritative information and assistance from an award-winning psychiatrist and writer. It, and its associated sites, are in the process of being downsized to relevant content that will stay posted for archival and portfolio purposes.

    Right: Ron Sterling -- Before and After (2000 and 2020, now age 75)

A Brief Introduction to™.

The™ Mission.

    I am a strong believer in life-long learning and inner-life development. This Web site and my focus on "always getting better" are manifestations of my own commitment to taking the next step in personal growth.

    The mission of was to not only furnish visitors, potential clients, and clients with information, but to also provide a Web site experience which was highly educational and to assist in reducing the stigma attached to many aspects of the mental health treatment environment.

    However, since 2008, I have been intensely focused on reading primary research literature and becoming comprehensively informed on the huge amount of knowledge that has been gained about the downside and upside of what we currently call Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I have read in excess of 25,000 pages of primary literature since 2008 and published two editions of my paradigm-changing book Adult ADD Factbook -- The Truth About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Updated 2011 and 2013. They are available on

    The scope of my reading and writing has made it impossible to continue the former mission of, which was to provide readers with a broader collection of and links to mental health and wellness information. The many outdated pages here still contain original writing that has stood the test of recent time. However, over the next few months, I will be dismantling and remodeling most of the website.

    Please go to my Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement for more information about my potential biases.

My books are Available at and at

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            -- Best wishes, Dr. Sterling

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